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Every month new video content is published where you will learn how to grow and improve your bonsai.

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Happy autumn

Autumn, (and I do repeat myself year after year) is one of my favourites. When it gets colder…

Improve your skills - improve your bonsai.

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Get in detail explanations on how to grow your own bonsai. In every video the aim is not only to tell you how, but also why.

Follow the seasons of bonsai throughout the year and experience how the seasonal changes enhances the beauty of the bonsai experience. 

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“I learned so much from this video. Really thank you. This has changed my life on bonsai treatment.” JM Bonsai.

“You are a great teacher. Most videos don’t explain the what and why behind decisions. THANK YOU!” Bomb Lacrosse.

“Hello, this is an excellent work, as bonsai and as video as well, thank you very much, it’s an amazing job.” Essain.

“Just wow! A very fine and sensitive work. Excellent screenplay and video.”  Jeremie Coillard.

The Bonsai Video Studio

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Improve your skills - Improve your bonsai

Monthly theme

Every month a new theme is added to the video section. The monthly theme is concentrated on a given subject.

Wiring – repotting – aesthetics and much more.

Watch whenever it suits you. You are not bound to watch it live, but have access to view any content at any time.


Excerpts or special editions will be available for precise tutorials with how to videos. Showing detailed instructions about wiring, repotting and much more. The archive will expand continuously.

Follow the seasons

A monthly VLOG from the bonsai garden of Morten Albek, will be online. Follow the fours seasons of bonsai and get valuable informations of handling bonsai throughout the year.



Do you have a question? How to often to water your Japanese Maple? Why pots are preferred unglazed for Conifers? How to take care of your bonsai during winter? Morten Albek gives his expert advices in video answers regularly as questions are collected.

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The Video Bonsai Studio is the online teaching part of Shohin Bonsai Europe by Morten Albek.