Bonsai seasons Vlog

A monthly story from the bonsai garden or elsewhere, where you can follow the four seasons of bonsai. 

Next step in th journey of the Potentilla is taken. And setting up a summer display that should turn our minds into some cooler weather this hot summer.


Vlog 7. In this episode: Summer trimming Japanese maples. Introducing what is probably the longest and slowest bonsai demo in the world. Starting from this episode.


Vlog 6. In this episode: New bonsai garden area established for a better viewing experience. Adjusting energy flow at deciduous, fertilizing and improving an old bonsai with one cut. And more… 


Vlog 5. Springtime in the bonsai garden. What to take care of after the winter, applying mosses, repotting and dividing accent plants, aftercare of bonsai styled earlier.


Vlog 4. Report from the Bonsai Namaste event in Pune, India.


Vlog 3, February 2018. Refining a Shohin bonsai Juniperus chinensis developed from raw nursery material, and winter pruning a midd-sized Crab Apple.


Vlog2. Exhibition, contest, traders area and International Demonstrators at the China Jue December 2017.


Late autumn preparations before winter.