Theme of the month

Deciduous trees grows differently than conifers. When styling bonsai it is important to understand the difference, in order to reflect nature in the trees. In this monthly theme, we dig into the difference between dropping branches and upright growing branches, and why it is so.


Do you know what accents are all about when displaying bonsai? In this theme we dig into what accents are and what their purpose is.


Do you dare to cut? How to start a bonsai by pruning back hard field grown, nursery or collected material. In this example a larger hedge plant (Acer campestre) and a small shohin (Pyracantha) are cut back to start new branches from scratch. And showing the result after six weeks.


How to change a pre-bonsai Juniperus chinensis to a future promising bonsai. Dealing especially with design considerations, what to look for when selecting the front, what branches can be removed, how to arrange branches and much more in detail explanations.


Styling a Pinus mugo using an ordinary nursery plant. Explaining all the necessary steps to take care of when you use cheap and basic material for bonsai. The first initial styling, the long termed planning and aftercare is explained in detail.


Why is it important that a bonsai looks like an old tree? Morten Albek explains the historical and aesthetical approach that links age to the bonsai expression.


The big guide to repot shohin bonsai – part one. The importance of the right soil structure and its influence on the bonsai design. Repotting step by step instructions with examples.


Dig deeper in to repotting shohin bonsai – Repotting guide part two. Repotting a Mame Juniper, adjusting roots on a old Hawthorn, root pruning and structure details at Crab Apple and advanced reducing of the roots on a raw stock Juniper adjusting these to the size of a small shohin bonsai pot.


Basic introduction to bonsai pots. What pot to choose, differences between glazed and unglazed pots, taking care of pots and more.  18:00

Morten Albek brings a Yamadori Scots Pine collected in Sweden to the first stage a s a bonsai. Styling the raw material for the first time.  42:55

Wiring bonsai. Beginners and advanced wiring techniques. Timing and trees health is among the subject in this video.  30:11

Shohin-bonsai introduction. How to grow Shohin, sizes and much more.  13:08

The joy of bonsai. Appreciating bonsai, A personal story of Morten Albeks view on bonsai.  19:29