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Why is it important that a bonsai looks like an old tree?

Morten Albek explains the historical and aesthetical approach that links age to the bonsai expression.


The big guide to repot shohin bonsai – part one. The importance of the right soil structure and its influence on the bonsai design. Repotting step by step instructions with examples.


Dig deeper in to repotting shohin bonsai – Repotting guide part two. Repotting a Mame Juniper, adjusting roots on a old Hawthorn, root pruning and structure details at Crab Apple and advanced reducing of the roots on a raw stock Juniper adjusting these to the size of a small shohin bonsai pot.


Basic introduction to bonsai pots. What pot to choose, differences between glazed and unglazed pots, taking care of pots and more.  18:00

Morten Albek brings a Yamadori Scots Pine collected in Sweden to the first stage a s a bonsai. Styling the raw material for the first time.  42:55

Wiring bonsai. Beginners and advanced wiring techniques. Timing and trees health is among the subject in this video.  30:11

Shohin-bonsai introduction. How to grow Shohin, sizes and much more.  13:08

The joy of bonsai. Appreciating bonsai, A personal story of Morten Albeks view on bonsai.  19:29