Morten Albek

Bonsai artist statement

Bonsai has been part of my life since I was a young man and the first time I watched a bonsai.

It was first later I started growing my own bonsai, because the first years were concentrated on education and moving from one workplace to another. But in my midd twenties I tried my first trees. I failed and I restarted new. This is unavoidably a part of the experience on the road to succeed with any kind of art. Learning by mistakes, adding new levels year by year.

Today I am less and less occupied of displaying in public, and even less concentrated on competition. My focus grows primarily on displaying my bonsai in my garden, and developing them year by year. This is where I find the peace and pleasure in bonsai on a daily basis.

More important than ever, it has been part of my bonsai practice teaching other people how to grow their own bonsai. It is a great pleasure to over bring my knowledge to others, and a great joy to be in contact with so many friendly and dedicated bonsai lovers around the world.

The Japanese have a value called “wabi-sabi”. This is – translated in to western understanding – importance of age and imperfectness. Like the appreciation of an old furniture that have its small flaws that makes it stand out beautiful. It is like the silence of being in a forest just after the rain. If this feeling is present in my work, it is a success for me.

My aim with bonsai, small or larger, is to develop a sense of natural beauty. I want my trees to look untouched by hand, with a natural feeling. Bonsai are controlled, but when you look at them you should not be aware of the human hand although it is present. Then bonsai becomes art.